11 weeks

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I've seen a bunch of bloggers on the interwebz do weekly pregnancy check-ins.

If I remember correctly, the update usually included stuff like rings on or off and food cravings and whatnot. I really want to document everything but I just don't feel comfortable updating about those things because I honestly don't feel like that's all that important.So, I've borrowed and modified a pregnant after loss check-in that I take part in on a message board I frequent.

How many weeks are you? What fruit? 
11 weeks. According to babycenter this little one is the size of a fig this week while the bump says a lime. A little googling tells me that baby is about 2inches long and weighs about 0.3 oz.  

How is PGAL brain treating you?
Both good and bad.

The good - I'm so grateful for my home doppler. I'm ashamed to admit this but I check in on our little one at least once a day. It has become part of my daily routine and there's so much comfort and peace that comes from hearing that beautiful galloping sound.

The bad - S and I continue to prepare for bed rest. At first it was really half-hearted stuff like browsing for loungers online and researching bed rest pillows. Just this morning while laying in bed after taking my progesterone I calculated the number of days left until I start bed rest and I lost my breath when I realized it's only about 8 days. We've got so much to do and it seems like there's so little time left. I'm also incredibly anxious about the experience and find myself terrified that I can't handle it. S has been amazingly supportive though and hearing him remind me that we'll work through this together does help some.  

Current PGAL fears?
A few - in no particular order.

  •  I'm terrified my cervix will be too short to place the stitch next week.
  • I'm anxious that I wont be able to handle the bed rest without losing my sanity.
  • I'm terrified about approaching the 20 week mark and not knowing whether my cervix is stable or not.
PGAL goals this week?
  • I'd like to start reducing the frequency of my doppler use. It's become a security blanket but I'd like to get to the point where I can trust that everything is okay without poking around for a heartbeat.
Appointments this week? 

None. NT scan and MFM next week. Cerclage in the few days following.


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