Tunnel Vision

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I've somehow managed to avoid real life these last 8 weeks. The timing of this pregnancy came at the very tail end of my 3 month internship which meant that I had very little time to be pregnant and working at the same time. Before I knew it, I was withdrawing from my remaining graduate courses in anticipation of bed rest which further isolated me from the only world I've known for the last 2 years.

Without many academic or professional responsibilities, I find myself fixated on this pregnancy. Day after day I dwell on the gestation of this little one and literally watch the clock reset itself as I make my way closer and closer to the second trimester.

Pregnancy tunnel vision maybe?

I'm stuck in this pregnancy bubble all by myself and my anxiety has been growing exponentially.

Yesterday was a particularly bad day. I spent the majority of the day feeling like I couldn't catch my breath. I think ahead to the next week and I get so overwhelmed by how much more my life is going to change.

. in 6 days we'll have our NT scan.
. in 7 days I'll be hospitalized to get a cerclage that will hopefully prevent pre-term labor.
. in 11 days I'll return home to bed and rely completely on my husband and mother to take care of me.

Loss moms in the community I frequent have offered so many wonderful bed rest suggestions. I sit there and read their recommendations and I find myself getting even more overwhelmed. How many books can one person read? How much Netflix can this momma watch? How many activities can I actually do while laying flat?

Then, the sensible part of me acknowledges that this too shall pass; bed rest is not forever and that ultimately this is only a very temporary part of my life. Six months is truly not a significant part of my life if it means getting our rainbow here safely.

Anticipation is by far the worst feeling. Fearing the unknown and anticipating the worst is one of my biggest weaknesses. I'm trying desperately to take things as they come but some days I'm simply suffocated by our journey.


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