Living with what is

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 It's been a quiet weekend. I surrounded myself with people who were comfortable with what is and layed low. We're still waiting for the call from my doctor asking us to head to the hospital and have a stitch placed that will hopefully save this baby from being born too early.

The majority of friends and family simply don't understand. There seems to be this overwhelming belief that the cerclage is somehow guaranteed to bring us a full term baby. Although the statistics are in our favor we're both very much aware that cerclages although helpful in helping women with cervical incompetency are not a cure all fool proof treatment. We know that we're still at risk and at this point we need to be surrounded by people who are conscious of how scary this pregnancy is and understand that despite this "treatment" we wont be safe until this little one is alive and in our arms.

So, we wait - wait for the call to place a small stitch that will hopefully prevent my cervix from opening too early. We're in the best hands and know that our doctor is our number one advocate fighting for the best outcome with us.  We're counting down the days, minutes and hours until we know we've done everything we possibly can to give this tiny baby the chance that our girls never got.


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