The capacity to accept

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The last 10 days have been stressful and a clear test of patience. 

I'm not over 10 days late on getting my stitch. I was originally scheduled to be admitted over the weekend of May 28th. I then got bumped because the ante-partum unit was overflowing and there was no bed for me.

On Friday June 5th I got the call to head to the hospital only to be admitted and then discharged because an emergency came in and needed my bed.

Now, I wait.

I keep reminding myself to trust my doctor. To trust the system. To trust that my team is doing everything they can to help keep this pregnancy safe and that ultimately I'll get the stitch before the danger of pre-term labour really sets in.

But, for today, I continue to wait and pray that my cervix and 13 weeks 3 days continues to support this growing life inside of me.


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