Being Prepared

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This past weekend was spent bed rest proofing the house. It might sound silly but I feel an enormous amount of control over my situation knowing that we're trying to make my environment as comfortable and efficient as possible.

Early on, we discussed the possibility of preparing an outside space where I could rest and enjoy the outdoors. The idea of cooping myself up indoors for 6 months made me incredibly nervous so we set out on a mission to find patio furniture to accommodate my needs. I was shocked to see how pricey the sofa type furniture cost so we decided that we'd opt for a patio lounger instead because it seemed to offer the comfort I needed at a more affordable price.

The lounger arrived last Friday and in no time S had it assembled and ready to go.

Since then, we've also added a privacy screen to help combat the openness of the back patio and provide me with a little privacy from the neighbours.

Other things we've got going:

  • A new mattress is arriving tomorrow. 
  • I purchased some comfortable clothes to get me through the next 2 or 3 months of bed rest. They are not maternity clothes but they are stretchy maxi skirts and such. I think it'll be important to feel my best while I'm resting so I treated myself to some clothing that looks nice but is also very comfortable.
  • I've been collecting and preparing various activities to occupy my time on bed rest. 

Colouring pages. Adult colouring pages to be exact. I'm sifting through hundreds of free ones on pinterest and via google to accumulate a set that I'll colour during my time resting. The plan is to somehow use them to decorate this little ones nursery.

Next up is moving some clothing and setting up my bedroom. The days are ticking down and I've got very little time left before surgery - I'll probably get on that today or tomorrow.

Is this real life? I seriously never believed I'd ever get the opportunity to be here again. I can't wrap my head around any of it.


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