12 weeks

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 6.1 cm of hope growing in my uterus

How many weeks are you? What fruit? 

12 weeks. Large plum.

How is PGAL brain treating you?

It's been a pretty quiet week PGAL wise. Surprisingly, I was able to hold it together for the NT scan on Thursday which felt great. It was the first appointment thus far that I hadn't worked myself up to the point of a panic attack. Now that we're heading into the 2nd trimester I feel the anxiety start to amplify again. My issues are related to cervical incompetency and pre-term labor and so I feel like now is the time where I need to be extra vigilant. PGAL worry is never ending I guess  and so I keep reminding myself that we need to take this pregnancy one day at a time.

Current PGAL fears? 

We had an excellent NT scan on Thursday. Baby is measuring in the 95th percentile and the nuchal fold measurement was excellent. Now, my fears have transformed into worries about the cerclage placement. We're at home waiting for the call to head to the hospital to be admitted. On Thursday, Dr. B said I'd have my stitch placed before Monday June 1st. Today is the 30th so I'm on pins and needles waiting for the call. 

PGAL goals this week?

To get a cerclage and to have a complication free stitch placement.

Appointments this week? 

I'm being hospitalized for 3 days to place the stitch.


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